Sunday Worship Livestream starting at 10:45 AM

The Sunday service will be live-streamed directly above this text.  Play the video as you would a normal video.  If you click play before the stream has actually started, you’ll see some text stating that the stream starts at 10:45 am.  Once the stream starts you’ll see some text for a bit of time, then a 5 minute countdown to the start of the service.

If you show up late to the service, you can rewind to the beginning.  Once the service is finished, the video above plays from the beginning every time.

Our previous services can be found on

Worship will be LIVE at 10:45 this Sunday, May 24, 2020! It will also be live streamed at 10:45. You are welcome to attend in person.There will be a few changes: we will not pass offering plates but plates will be available to drop your offering by the door. We will also not pass the elements for Lord’s Supper, you will pick them up as you come in. Some of the pews will be blocked off to help with social distancing; we have plenty of room to spread out.PLEASE wear a mask; no matter what you may personally think, it is an act of loveRead More →

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